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ART CLUB POWERPOINT (2017) video, b/w, 2 channel stereo, 3'45


ART CLUB es un ciclo de clases sobre el arte contemporáneo impartido en inglés para estudiantes de bachillerato. Se trata de una introducción a la materia cuya misión es transmitir conocimientos básicos para facilitar la comprensión del arte de nuestro tiempo y su relación con el arte moderno además de establecer enlaces con distintos momentos en la historia del arte occidental. Se presta especial atención a los métodos de análisis de las obras de arte con el fin de entender cómo su materialidad, producción, y forma construyen su significado.


ART CLUB is a series of introductory classes on contemporary art lead by Paul Guy (Chicago, 1967) in English in an informal workshop setting. The classes provide basic knowledge and ideas which will facilitate the comprehension of contemporary art and establish its relationship to modernism and to traditional western art history. Emphasis is placed on methods of analysis of works of art, making connections between materials, production, form, and meaning. We will also engage in discussion about contemporary art practices within the larger context of western culture and how our cultural model is shaped by our own tastes, perceptions, and values. What is modernism? What does contemporary mean? Can anything be art? Can form be content? Do materials have a meaning?

ART CLUB After School

( 16-18 years old )

This workshop is for High School students who are interested in learning about contemporary art. The class meets once a week and has multiple components covering art theory and studio work. We look at works of art together and discuss the expanded boundaries of contemporary art including all types of media and practices like photography, video, painting, installation, performance and body art, film, text and language, sculpture, sound.... We also engage in hands on studio projects using the museum facilities in order to put our knowledge into practice.

ART CLUB After Work

( adults )

If you are interested in learning about contemporary art without getting your hands dirty this is the class for you. This series includes 10 sessions which will provide the participants with a broad based introduction to themes and concepts which have surfaced in contemporary art since the 1960 ́s onwards. Conceptualism is our starting point from which we will move forward and backward in time in order to best situate contemporary art practices within the larger context of western art history. This is not a linear art history class, but instead a transversal storyboard of ideas, concepts, and knowledge intended to give you useful and practical tools of analysis for understanding and looking at all art.